Thursday, December 26, 2013

Computer Liquidators On Twitter

@CiscoSystems has reached 100,000 followers. We wanted to take this opportunity to spotlight the profile of @AZCO your Nationwide Computer Liquidator on Twitter.

Are you a buyer, sell, of used computer lots, network products, data center equipment? If you fit this profile and like what we tweet about, please follow us.

If you’re already following us and know a friend who fits this profile, send an @reply to @AZCO with your friend’s Twitter handle.

A-Z Computer Liquidators is going to follow @CiscoSystems lead and recommend that all you resellers, manufacturers and corporate companies liquidating used computers, Cisco equipment, network products follow us @AZCO. We liquidate used Cisco equipment, Cisco Catalyst switch, Cisco routers, used servers, and data center equipment.

Sell used network equipment: Cisco Systems, Dell, D-Link, Extreme Networks, HP, Force10 Networks, Alcatel, Aten, Foundry / Brocade, F5 Network, Juniper networks, Nortel Network, Sun Microsystems.

Spread the word, We'd love 100,000 followers. If your looking for a Cisco Liquidators offering network equipment liquidation, catch us on twitter @AZCO

If you have equipment to sell just drop us an email at purchasing @ Remember, spread the word!