Thursday, December 26, 2013

Computer Liquidators On Twitter

@CiscoSystems has reached 100,000 followers. We wanted to take this opportunity to spotlight the profile of @AZCO your Nationwide Computer Liquidator on Twitter.

Are you a buyer, sell, of used computer lots, network products, data center equipment? If you fit this profile and like what we tweet about, please follow us.

If you’re already following us and know a friend who fits this profile, send an @reply to @AZCO with your friend’s Twitter handle.

A-Z Computer Liquidators is going to follow @CiscoSystems lead and recommend that all you resellers, manufacturers and corporate companies liquidating used computers, Cisco equipment, network products follow us @AZCO. We liquidate used Cisco equipment, Cisco Catalyst switch, Cisco routers, used servers, and data center equipment.

Sell used network equipment: Cisco Systems, Dell, D-Link, Extreme Networks, HP, Force10 Networks, Alcatel, Aten, Foundry / Brocade, F5 Network, Juniper networks, Nortel Network, Sun Microsystems.

Spread the word, We'd love 100,000 followers. If your looking for a Cisco Liquidators offering network equipment liquidation, catch us on twitter @AZCO

If you have equipment to sell just drop us an email at purchasing @ Remember, spread the word!

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Buy Used Cisco

Why Buy Used Cisco Equipment?

Buying used Cisco equipment, can save corporate America more than 50% to 90% on the price of a Cisco switch or Cisco router. Used Cisco equipment venders provide easy answers to buyers of Cisco equipment.

Did you know that new Cisco equipment, once the box is opened is considered  as “used”? What is considered used ma never of been used.  Used Cisco equipment has likely been tested by the reseller, ensuring that the Cisco equipment is legitimate and working properly

Used Cisco equipment contributes to the "green revolution.” Do your part by saving money and saving the environment. Making a smart purchase will always make you look good in the bosses eyes.

Used Cisco equipment dealers nationwide include:

If you need to sell Cisco equipment, the same venders the sell Cisco, buy Cisco. Saved cash by buying used Cisco network equipment.

A-Z Computer Liquidators buys used Cisco networking hardware. Buy, sell new and used network hardware.

Sell Network Hardware For Cash: 866-666-0340

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Computer Liquidators Not Retail

When you hear the term "computer liquidators" as a consumer you may be thinking of selling your laptop, tablet or monitor. Searching the keywords "computer liquidators" on Google for instance will pull up multiple organic searches of computer liquidators that primarily handle business corporate liquidations only.

Your probably, as a consumer, searching for a retail store-front local to you, that you can walk your equipment right into and sell on the spot. The computer liquidator, you find organically on the web, will probably not be suitable if your looking to sell "one" computer. These computer liquidators offer IT asset recovery for volume lots of used computers.

A computer liquidator of hi-tech assets will go into a company and liquidate networking equipment which include servers, phone systems, switches, routers, and used Cisco equipment. If your a company in the process of downsizing, upgrading or under going a corporate refresh a computer liquidation company will buy this equipment out right. 

Computer liquidators of corporate environments nationwide in liquidating their technology assets. Computer liquidator advertising, "we buy Cisco", we buy servers, we buy Catalyst switches, we buy test equipment, we buy networking equipment, we buy data center equipment -- may not be the kind of liquidator your looking for, if your a consumer. 

Finding a computer liquidator, as a consumer, is simple.  Follow these steps:

  1. Go to 
  2. Enter your zip code
  3. Look up " used computers" according to your zip code.
  4. Boom -- retail store front that will be more than happy to assist you.

Businesses liquidating IT assets not just any computer liquidator will do. Do your research, choose a  computer liquidator that gives you options that will best suit your business needs. A prominent liquidation company will assign a liquidation agent to work with you one-on-one.

Any liquidator will immediately ask you your location, the type of a equipment your looking to sell, condition, quantity, etc ...  All this information is relevant to the value of your IT equipment.  If you are selling Cisco equipment, for instance, having a detailed list is beneficial in proving a fair valuation.

Just remember, the right computer liquidator, will make a difference  in $$$ your company puts back into its budget.  Fair and fast removal are key elements to the computer liquidation process.